How A Mobile Website Can Change Your Business

Mobile phone users are impatient people. If they can’t see what they want in the first twenty seconds, including load time, they will turn away and find someone else. You’ve just lost a potential customer who was probably looking for something to buy. That means lost revenue to you. Check how your website looks on a mobile phone HERE.

I only have three points to make…

  1. More people surf the net using their smart phones than those who search using a desktop, iPad and laptop…. combined!  So, unless your marketing is designed to reach these mobile users, you’re probably losing most of your potential customers.
  1. Google advises that all businesses will soon need to have a mobile version of their website. They are now trialling a scheme which will show whether a business has a mobile friendly version of their site by means of a small logo next to the business name in the search results. Here is an example of what I mean:


Note the icon is green, indicating that the site is mobile friendly.


Now the icon is greyed out, with a cross slash – site is NOT mobile friendly! So, if a potential customer sees that grey icon when they look up your site, they won’t bother to click on it, and you’ve just lost a customer!

  1. Your competition probably already has a mobilised version of their website, and therefore has the edge on you.So, what are you going to do?